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Discover our range of customisable systems built specifically for those in the Childcare sector. Everything you need including Facility Management, Safety Checklists, Playground Auditors and we’ve even drastically simplified your mandatory requirements such as Quality Improvement Program (QIP) – Find out more below!

Featured Systems

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

If you’re in childcare you’re probably very familiar with QIP.
All Childcare centres must have an active and up-to-date QIP in place, its mandatory and essential to stay within regulation.
We’ve made it now incredibly easy! By turning it into an online smart system with intuitive email prompts, reminders and push button submissions.

Playground Inspections

A smart auditing, maintenance and checklist system built for the management of playground equipment. With built in reminders, alerts, image capture and reporting functions. Add an unlimited number of equipment items, locations and staff users to your online system customised to suit your requirements.

Childcare Facility Manager

Stay on top on your daily operations and compliance requirements with our specialty Childcare Facility Manager smart system. Covering a range of essential processes, checklists, incident reporting, compliance audits as well as your own custom requirements! Our Childcare Facility Manager fits in perfectly with your existing processes and facility.

Family Home Daycare

Covering both Home Daycare providers and Home Daycare auditors, IMS has smart systems to manage the daily compliance requirements and operational tasks to efficiently manage a home daycare centre. We also work with councils and auditor to provide smart auditing systems for home assessments and checks.

Created for you

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf system that may not suit your exact processes and nuances that make your childcare facility unique. We customise every element of our systems to suit you!

Easy to use
Our online smart systems are easy to use with entry prompts and logical processes.
99.99% Uptime
Hosted on Australia’s most powerful server with no less than 3 back up hosts – you can rely on your IMS childcare system to always be working when you are!
Unlimited Users
Assign as many individual staff logins as you need without incurring any extra costs!

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Asset Management

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Staff Certifications

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Compliance Tracking

Maintenance Logs

Email Alerts and Reminders

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