Systems built by Councils, for Councils.

We specialise in equipping local Councils with a wide range of powerful management systems. We get to the bottom of what makes your individual council tick and customise each system to fit with how you do things, meaning you never have to settle for an off-the-shelf product that may not fit perfectly.

We focus on council systems that are incredibly user-friendly yet powerful in their capabilities.

Making a web of complex council processes look easy – is what we do best.

Preferred by Councils

An incredibly secure system, uniquely developed for councils, built in Australia and it’s affordable – that’s why Aussie councils prefer IMS.

Capable of storing public user accounts for councils with population sizes ranging from 2000 – 1M+. IMS has been turning paper-based reporting, compliance headaches, scheduling nightmares and maintenance dramas within councils into harmonious online smart system that never let council staff or members of the public down.

Built in Australia

Since its establishment in 2011 IMS has proudly been Australian owned, operated and staffed. You'll find our friendly Aussie support team ready to help.

Works with your existing setup

We build our systems around your existing routines and protocols. with an emphases on streamlining tasks and removing pain-points.

Easy to use

No one wants to spend hours training staff how to use a complicated new program. IMS uses easy entry prompts and simple navigation to cater to all computer literacy levels.

Your timeline, your budget

We understand new purchases in councils can often take time, require additional information, purchase order approvals or may need to fit into a new budget timeframe. We make it as smooth as possible with years of experience under our belt.


99.99% system uptime, 3 tier daily backups, absolute data integrity and zero security incidences ever.

Paper chaos to Online Smart System

Additional to our range of existing systems, we help you identify any checklists or reporting that is currently done on paper and integrate it into our IMS smart system.

Add new capabilities

Councils are welcome to request additional system customisations or extend system capabilities at any time. Create a system that never looses relevance. IMS systems grow with you as your needs increase.

Unlimited users at no additional cost

Our simple and transparent pricing offers the safety of a set fee, no price increase for new staff or users.

A Birds Eye View

Keep track of third party Facility Managers with our multi-level user access accounts. Generate reports, monitor compliance status, maintanance progress or reporting input on one or mutiple facilities from one platform.

Oversee a complete bookings calendar or dig into individual clubs and users with our powerful Booking Manager system.

Council Bookings Manager

Manage thousands of different venues and hires at once in one place with no scheduling conflicts. Work with an unlimited number of clubs, classes, community groups and individuals through a seamless user friendly front interface, backed with a powerful admin operating system.


  • Events, venues, community centres, libraries, parks and reserves, ongoing or one-off hire – all in the one place
  • Seasonal and Annual Bookings – No clashes!
  • Setup individual portfolios for different internal departments
  • Secure online payments using your existing payment gateway (or ask us to take care of this for you)
  • Eliminate any paperwork, compleatly online.
  • Never chase another document or certificate again – let the system do the work for you!
  • Instant approvals and approvals reviews
  • Contract management done easy – set and forget!
  • Integrates with your internal systems – feed in and out for a fully automated setup.
  • Customised to your Council brand
  • Integrates with your Council website
  • Unmatched admin control and setup flexibility – less restrictions and more power to you
  • Generate reports that matter, whether it be statistics or analytics – let the system do the work for you and assist your organisation with strategic planning and operational goals
  • Superior turnaround with customised reports, minus the hefty price tag

Happy Customers Year After Year!


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Bookings Manager | FAQ

Have a burning question about our Council Bookings Manager system?

Read through some of our most commonly asked questions – or even better, start a conversation with one of our friendly team!

What is involved in the Council Bookings Manager setup?

We work in partnership with your team to make sure the system is a perfect fit with your existing internal processes & workflow.

Can Council Bookings Manager help with managing our asset's condition?

Yes! The Council Booking Manager system has in-built inspections & maintenance modules. Customise your inspections for each facility to help keep on top of the condition of your assets, bond refunds or general maintenance.  Not only can staff using the maintenance module lodge and allocate any maintenance tasks requiring the attention, the system can also be setup to log any maintenance requests directly to your existing maintenance system or via email straight to responsible department and officers.

Our finance system is complex, how does it work in the Council Bookings Manager??

We understand that every Council calculates their fees differently and have different algorithms when it comes to finance. Council Bookings Manager is designed to allow full customisation of the finance components to suit your needs and algorithms for your Council, with the ability to streamline and automate invoicing.

Can we make customisations & add features once our program is live?

Absolutely! Our team of programmers work hard to make sure your system remains relevant to your processes. Simply contact our team anytime to request customisations your Council requires as they arise.
Our systems grow with you!

Can a new user search for available assets?

Yes, your users will have access to a criteria search feature! Allowing them to enter dates, times, and attendance numbers. Councils Booking Manager smart online calendar feature will find the available assets that fit their needs and provide them with the options available.

Does Council Bookings Manager store files?

Can we track the user correspondence and uploads? (ie emails, alerts documentation, supporting docs and licences?)

Council Bookings Manager has an extensive CRM system, allowing you to view, comment and retain all correspondence with your users! It will store your client’s contact information and any documentation they require to complete their applications. There are even built in alerts when a required document or licence is due to be renewed!

How are bookings made and can we display images of each facility?

Public users will be able to make an account and lodge applications online via a seamless portal from your council’s website. The Council Bookings Manager system provides the ultimate user-friendly experience for your users and your staff. A user account will provide users with access to view available venues, online calendars, images of facilities and optional video tours for each facility can be included too!

What is your support process?

Our team are easily available on the phone or via email and always respond on the same day as your support requests. Your IMS system will also have an inbuilt support feature so you can have the confidence that we will be by your side when you need us.

Council Bookings Manager club communication

Do we have to manually contact our clubs when we close a venue or want to advise of application status/ closing and opening dates?

Absolutely not, your Council Bookings Manager system will take care of all this for you with inbuilt automated email alerts and reminders. You set the dates and with a click of a button the system will send the emails. Saving hours of staff time!

IMS Council Bookings has been a “Game Changer” for Brimbank council.

“Brimbank Council have used IMS Bookings Manager systems for a number of years and it has completely changed the way we manage our Seasonal Allocations, casual hirers and Halls and Community bookings. What was once an onerous and time consuming process is now streamlined, saving our team an incredible amount of time, as well as allowing us to manage our services to the community in an improved manner. IMS Bookings has been a “Game Changer” for our council.”

Ashley Fleming
Manager Leisure and Community Facilities, Brimbank City Council

Aquatics Facility Manager

Our Aquatics Facility Management System offers a complete solution for Councils with Aquatic assets. Comprised of our much loved Facility Management System and three other powerful modules that work together seamlessly covering all elements of Aquatics facility and staff management. Fully customisable with the freedom to choose between integrating the full suite of systems or pick and choose from the standalone modules below.

Pool Reports

Pool Reports is an essential reporting solution to mandatory water quality testing. With powerful capabilities Pool Reports is used by Councils, Aquatics Facility Managers and Lifeguards to store, log, calculate and rebalance water quality reports and important information such as patron head counts.
Receive intuitive alerts and reg flags along with auto reminders and forever data storage all from Pool Reports smart system.
With multiple management and staff access login levels it’s easy to checkin on your Aquatics Facility or third-party management team.

lifeguard Manager


Easy monitoring and reporting on all areas of lifeguard compliance and certification. Receive alerts when certifications are approaching expiration.


Keep track of staff evaluations, monitor various skill levels and record skill progress. Record important HR matters.


Training sucess starts with a complete training management system. Manage all your training requirements and schedules in one place from any device. 


Store valuable reports and information with unlimited storage. Generate customised reports at the touch of a button

Roster Manager

Scheduling staff hours, placements, shifts, duties and rotations can take management hours each week. If you’ve ever managed a roster you’ll probably be familiar with the stress, uncertainty, correspondence headaches and lost hours that come with the territory.

Regain control and pick up those lost management hours with a powerful rostering smart system that has ironed out all the creases for you.

We’ve automated everything and thought of everything, making rostering for Aquatics Facilities a piece of cake.

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to understanding the usual pain-points of Aquatic Facility Managers – that’s why we’ve even made staff numbers and user accounts unlimited with no additional add-on fees!

Achieve your goals

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Use the data entered into your IMS system to instantly produce reports, gain valuable demographic insights, review staff performance and even see how your data measures up with benchmarking∗ based on surrounding councils (∗ if available)

Are you using third party facility managers?

Regain control of your most valuable property assets by logging in using your management overview user account and view all reporting compliance and data input.

Home Family Daycare Inspections


Does your council conduct audits, inspections or checks of home based family daycare centres?

Take advantage of our specially built smart checklist system that covers everything you need to conduct efficient home checks and audits.

Built in partnership with councils and customisable to your particular requirements.

With automated filing, instant reports and intuitive alerts and reminders you can increase your capacity to conduct more home checks by regaining hours of time back.